Housing Choice Voucher Specialists

Name Title Phone
Jessica DeLoach Voucher Holders whose Last Names begin with A – K 815-727-0611, ext. 147
Tawyanna Dugger Portability Clients, Homeownership Clients, and Project Based Clients 815-727-0611, ext. 170
Tina Pourroy Program Manager 815-727-0611, ext. 133
Valynda Gildon Housing Choice Voucher Clerk 815-727-0611, ext. 100
Andrea Finch FSS Program Coordinator 815-727-0611, ext. 160
Danielle Thomas HCV Program Assistant Manager 815-727-0611, ext. 130


Name Title Phone
Augie Juricic Housing Choice Voucher Inspector 815-727-0611 x165
Will McClellan Housing Choice Voucher Inspector 815-727-0611 x126