Chief of Development & Operations

John Chow

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John C. Chow serves as the Chief Development and Operations Officer for the Housing Authority of Joliet.  John earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from Iowa State University.

John began his career with the Housing Authority of Joliet as a Construction Manager, also served as Modernization Coordinator, Modernization and Section 8 Inspection Supervisor.  John has earned certifications in Housing Quality Standards and Blended Occupancy Management.

John’s well-round proficiency resulted in him being recruited to work in a world renown University in the Facilities Management field.  John has served in various capacities such as, Project and Construction Management, Maintenance and Operation, Client Services and Finance Administration.  He utilizes his balance of expertise to assist senior leadership to implement strategic goals, and to ensure the agency is efficiently operating its initiatives to consistently deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

John was also appointed and serves as a commission member of the Joliet Historic Preservation Commission.

Compliance Manager

Tina Pourroy

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Tina Pourroy serves as the Compliance Manager for the Housing Authority of Joliet. She ensures compliance for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program, Public Housing Program, and the Tax Credit Program. Tina has served the HAJ in several capacities over her 22-year employment. Most recently, she was the HCV Program Manager for 8 years. She has also served as the Non-Profit Coordinator and the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Technical Services. Her background includes considerable involvement in the private sector as a mortgage appraisal research assistant and construction site office manager. Utilizing immense knowledge and housing experience, Tina interacts with different housing teams to ensure program compliance. Tina also participates as a member of the housing development team, where she lends valuable insight and contributes great work.