The Housing Authority or Joliet Board of Commissioners consists of seven (7) members, each appointed by the Mayor of the City of Joliet and approved by the City Council. Appointments are for staggered terms.

Commissioners determine policies and approve operating budgets, programs and services consistent with its mission and subject to the mandates and limits imposed by State and Federal Law.

Commissioners receive no compensation but are entitled to receive expenses, including travel expenses, incurred in the discharge of their official duties.

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Kathy Spieler

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Yvonne White

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Roger Powell Sr.

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Roger William Powell was born and raise in Joliet, where he still resides today. He has always enjoyed working with and helping others, especially the younger generations. As a basketball player and coach, he learned the importance of encouraging and empowering young people.

Roger received his Master of Science in Political Science from Governors State University, his Special Education Teacher Certification from Chicago State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Illinois State University. He has served as an educator and coach in Illinois for over 30 years, and continues to serve the Joliet Community at the Illinois Youth Center to this day.

One of his core values is understanding the importance of today's role models, especially the athletes, coaches, and entertainers of today's society, to stress academic achievement. His goal is to provide a respectable and adaptable program for constructive change within the community.

Vice Chairman

Glenda McCullum

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Angel Contreras

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Garland Mays

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