The Housing Authority or Joliet Board of Commissioners consists of seven (7) members, each appointed by the Mayor of the City of Joliet and approved by the City Council. Appointments are for staggered terms.

Commissioners determine policies and approve operating budgets, programs and services consistent with its mission and subject to the mandates and limits imposed by State and Federal Law.

Commissioners receive no compensation but are entitled to receive expenses, including travel expenses, incurred in the discharge of their official duties.

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Karen Ward

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Marge Franchini

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Roger Powell Sr.

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Roger William Powell was born and raised in Joliet, and still lives here today. He has been a commissioner since 2013.

Powell enjoys working with and helping others, especially the younger generations. As a basketball player and coach, he learned the importance of encouraging and empowering young people.

He received a Master of Science in Political Science from Governors State University, a Special Education Teacher certification from Chicago State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Illinois State University.

For more than 30 years, he has been a coach and educator in Illinois and continues to serve the Joliet area at the Illinois Youth Center.

One of his core values is understanding the importance of today’s role models, and to stress academic achievement. His goal is to provide a respectable and adaptable program for constructive change in the community.


Paul Schultz

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Kathy Spieler

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Kathy Spieler is a lifelong resident of Joliet and has been a Housing Authority of Joliet commissioner since December 2016. Retired from home school teaching, Kathy enjoys helping others. She is very active in the Joliet community, and is currently a board member of her neighborhood association, serving as secretary and communications director.

Her twenty years of managerial experience from previous employment positions include human resources, a personnel specialist, and marketing.

She volunteered at both a private school and in the public school system, District 86 for daily and special events.

Kathy runs several webpages that help the community by providing information and assistance to Joliet residents.

Some of her goals are to continue improving the quality of life for H.A.J. residents and to continue building affordable housing for all in need. Another goal is to maintain and increase support for those with disabilities.



Garland Mays

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Garland Mays is a lifelong Joliet resident who has a strong interest in community service. In May 2019, he became a Housing Authority of Joliet commissioner. Being a commissioner fits in well with his desire to help others. One of Garland’s goals is to provide the necessary tools to ensure the Housing Authority of Joliet continues its success in providing affordable housing to those in need. It brings him much joy to be on a board with dedicated people who share the desire to serve our great city.  

Some of Garland’s many accomplishments include being president of the Forest Park Neighborhood Council, as well as being president of the Joliet Leadership Council.

Garland has an A.S. in construction from Lewis University, class of 1999, and is a graduate of Joliet West High School, class of 1988. He is also father of four boys, and the grandfather of three children.


Dr. Glenda McCullum

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The Housing Authority of Joliet is something very dear to Dr. Glenda McCullum’s heart. She has served on the board of commissioners since November 2016 and is currently the vice-chairperson.

Glenda and her family were given the opportunity to better their lives when they moved into the DesPlaines Street Housing Development.

McCullum says it breaks her heart to see individuals struggling to obtain one of the most basic necessities of life, so it is her desire to reach back and assist in giving others safe, sanitary, and affordable housing.  

She looks forward to continued collaborative efforts with the staff of the H.A.J., the executive director, and board of commissioners in the ongoing effort of making a mark in the city of Joliet by creating sustainable housing. Outside her service at the H.A.J., Glenda has an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from St.Thomas Christian College. She is also the founder and senior pastor of Gateway Worship Assembly in Joliet.  

In addition, Glenda is the birth mother of three children, and the single parent of five foster children whom she adopted. As well, Glenda has nine grandchildren.